Monday, 20 August 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

so yeah, it has been almost two months since my last post when I was duty-ing in the office on a bloody Saturday and I had nothing to do besides blogging(I have to repeat it in all posts because I only update once in a blue moon nowadays wtf).

Anyway lot dramas happened recently. Especially working. Not a good one tho(you can read it in most of my posts since I started working).  much moody posts because I am not good in expressing myself LOL.
Will no longer forcing myself to stay in this kind of situation which I think I am going to explore anytime soon if I continued to be like that. By that time I think everyone might be freaking afraid of me^.^

Anyway, back at hometown for study break. 5 more days to my 1st ever paper after my degree.
Although its hard to forget how my degree study process tortured me but still, I am going to try my best for this paper. Wish me luck peeps!

Talking bout hometown, my mom bought two pair of contact lenses for me(stopped wearing ever since I started working(again-.-) because I am facing computer most of the time which is not good for your eyes wtf) which cost RM100.00 for both.
I personally think its the best so far for me because my eyes easily got infected last time when i bought those cheap contact lenses in some random shops(around RM10-RM20 per pair) and I am sort of....not very hygienic people HAHAHA. So it was once a white dot on my eye and I was so scared that I am going to blind anytime soon. Even I was fully recovered now but my eyes still got dried easily:(

Luckily this brand(although it is pricier) does not bring any side effect to me yet(hopefully not too in the future), and I am happily going to continue wearing it.

Below are how it looks like. I do not have a close up picture on my eyes for this contact lenses because I think its weird to stuff a photo with your BIG eyes, lol.

Hopefully the inner shopaholic part of mine will be back on track soon. I seriously feel enough of repeating the clothes everyday already. Why not I am richT.T

Between Selamat Hari Raya to all the muslim friends, hehe:)

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