Monday, 21 October 2013

I have an awesome bf who can cook for me!

I don't know why I have such an ohm to post so many posts in a week, perhaps it's because I am just too free....but once I said this, you will probably see that I MIA again for the coming months.
Well, lets hope that wont happen on me again, as I just want to document down whatever happened around me so that I can read back in the near future and laugh the ass off meXD

If you know me personally, you would that I am not really good in cooking and I am not particular at all when comes to food as long as it is eatable or not raw.

I guess if I were to operate a restaurant, I would probably ended up playing with flies, lol

Back to topic, just want to share with u guys what's my so called 'signature' dishes that were really produced by me! There are only few and the two things below are one of the easiest which is considered too easy for most of you.

1. steamed chicken(literally just steam it with garlic n some soy sauce and you are doneXD)

2. Steam eggs with minced meat(tho its simple, but I love it a lot, I can eat with 2 bowls of rice just for this dish).

Other than that, I am good in nothing for cooking already. But lucky me, my bf can cook and his cooking is much much awesome than me! Lets see:

1. Ok now you can compared his and mine. even his garlic also looks better than mine.

2. Vegetable. I don't know how to make the sauce!

3. Egg with onions. This 1 I probably know how to cook too;D

4. Grilled chicken. What?! i don't even know how to make the things look so black yet so sweet haha.

5. Last but not least, the chicken chop that he made for me last weekend! it tasted so nice for me(probably because of the love also la haha) that I actually finished the whole things on my own haha.

 And the list still goes on...told ya he really can cook! Guess I will just authorize him as my chef in the future hehe.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My dream since young

Ever since young, I have a dream. I remember that in primary school, I was too young to know the exact term for my dream career, and hence whenever there were topics related to 'what are you going to be in the future?' or 'what is your dream career?', I will just bullshit-ly wrote down those professional jobs which are very commonly seen in primary school students' essays such as lawyer, doctor, accountant(?) etc.

Some may question, ain't you an accountant now? yes, I am actually doing one of my so called 'dream careers' since kid, but to be frank, I do just for the sake of doing or to make my parents proud of me, but deep inside the heart, I am not even close to happy. As you know, there is a term in mandarin called '望子成龙’ in each typical Chinese family. Every parents will feel proud when they see their kids eventually grown up to be a professional. Along these years, no matter how down I felt or felt like there was an end of the world, I rarely mentioned anything to them. And ya, in the end I managed to make myself graduated from 1 of the well known university too. But, every night I am questioning myself, is this really what I want for the rest of my life? It's a doubt.

So, what's my dream? It is to be a successful entrepreneur since young.  I remember how much I enjoyed buying things from all the 'suppliers' in my hometown such as comics, accessories, stickers etc and sold it to my friends in a mark up price. Sorry friends, I don't even understand what is mark up price that time, so might exaggeratedly sold it in a much higher price, hehe.  

And when I grown up, there was twice I tried to build my business through online. Once was during my 2nd year as an undergraduate student. It was good as the market was not that competitive yet and I managed to earn a little living from there. But it did affect my studies a lot as I am doing it as sole proprietor and thus I am basically the owner, the founder, the seller and the worker, so I stopped it after doing it for approximately a semester.

Then the 2nd time was in between my job switch. It can be separated into two time frames which I partnered with my friend and which I did it alone. And this time, it was a lot harder than my 1st time due to the competitive market and lack of capitals and knowledge about it. I tried so hard to finally double up my sale after 5 months but I have to stop it in 7th month due to I am entering a demanding job - auditor.

As a student and employee, what I can say is I left no time at all for myself. Slowly, I put my interest aside again as it is really a time consuming job and time is a luxury for me.

And soon, it will be half a year since I stopped it. But I am not giving it up yet. I am thinking of a better way to bring it back or even larger, just wait for me! til then.

Friday, 18 October 2013

My journey in Big 4 Malaysia(Part 1 - Interview process)

I was supposed to study for my coming exam...but my mind just couldn't make it, it automatically flied to nowhere whenever I stared at the book, so I decided to give myself a little bit break before I can get my concentration back. As you know, rest is for you to go further wtf(not sure whether there is such phrase in english, I just direct translated it from mandarin idiom, lol)

So today, I decided to share a little experience on my journey as an auditor. To avoid any rule breaching on the employment contract(which is also to be an ethical employee la although I not sure whether there is such thing in the contract or not), i will not reveal the name of the company.

I always heard so much of horrified story prior to joining big 4, which also one of the reasons caused me to step back from even applying it when I first graduated. To be frank, after joining for half a year, I realised that some are true while some are just...purely word of mouth as those who normally spread the words don't even have any working experience in big 4. Lets see whether I able to talk about it in this post, if not, just next post or next next post lo.

So traced back to early this year, I went for the interview in one of the Big 4. Prior to that, i actually went for few interviews in the commercial companies but got rejected. I not sure what's the reason but I guess either study break that I requested for does not exist or just...I am not good enoughT.T

so back to story, it was a long procedures to complete the interview. I was told by the department secretary to complete the E tests which consists of numerical and verbal test(forgotten the exact name for the tests, lol) and guess what, I was so blurred that I actually did the numerical test only! what ashamed, but I was just too nervous that time la so did not listen properly

So I did it after being told by the secretary. After taking around 1 hours + to complete the e test, I was being interviewed by the department manager who is also a friendly guy(Luckily my interview was during peak season, so they did not bother to conduct group interview, if not i might not sitting in front of the pc and typing this out today, lol).

 And again, lot and lot technical and soft skill questions was asked. I don't even remember what I answer him that time, but I remember that was one question regarding leadership that he asked me if i were a leader, how I am going to lead a team as audit is after all about the team spirit.  Walao eh, who know how to lead a team, my previous job as account assistant also never taught me about that, I was mostly alone in client's place that time and forced to solve all the problems based on my own personal judgement.

Anyhow, I managed to give some answer also la. Just that I not sure this is what he is looking for or not.
At the end of the interview, I was told to come back for my verbal test because I got a C(suck feeling, I was too nervous to do the test) which they requested the candidate to get at least a B.

So the next day, I came back and finally managed to pass it with flying colour after doing some research in the internet(tips: just being relax when you are going for the test).

After few weeks, I came back again to sign the contract and got to know my salary that they offered. Obviously it was much higher than my previous job, so no complain on it.

And next post shall be my 1st few days in the company. Be patient.