Monday, 21 October 2013

I have an awesome bf who can cook for me!

I don't know why I have such an ohm to post so many posts in a week, perhaps it's because I am just too free....but once I said this, you will probably see that I MIA again for the coming months.
Well, lets hope that wont happen on me again, as I just want to document down whatever happened around me so that I can read back in the near future and laugh the ass off meXD

If you know me personally, you would that I am not really good in cooking and I am not particular at all when comes to food as long as it is eatable or not raw.

I guess if I were to operate a restaurant, I would probably ended up playing with flies, lol

Back to topic, just want to share with u guys what's my so called 'signature' dishes that were really produced by me! There are only few and the two things below are one of the easiest which is considered too easy for most of you.

1. steamed chicken(literally just steam it with garlic n some soy sauce and you are doneXD)

2. Steam eggs with minced meat(tho its simple, but I love it a lot, I can eat with 2 bowls of rice just for this dish).

Other than that, I am good in nothing for cooking already. But lucky me, my bf can cook and his cooking is much much awesome than me! Lets see:

1. Ok now you can compared his and mine. even his garlic also looks better than mine.

2. Vegetable. I don't know how to make the sauce!

3. Egg with onions. This 1 I probably know how to cook too;D

4. Grilled chicken. What?! i don't even know how to make the things look so black yet so sweet haha.

5. Last but not least, the chicken chop that he made for me last weekend! it tasted so nice for me(probably because of the love also la haha) that I actually finished the whole things on my own haha.

 And the list still goes on...told ya he really can cook! Guess I will just authorize him as my chef in the future hehe.

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