Saturday, 13 October 2012

Its diet time again

Blaming myself for sleeping at 9pm and woke up at 1am. I just couldn't fall asleep again!

I wondered how am I going to be for tomorrow laser tag. Just in case you don't know what laser tag is, it is some kind of sport likes wall game and it can be found in Sunway Pyramid or Midvalley megamall. 

Still not understand? just google search for it=)

 Back to topic, I always feel good in writing diet post.
And ever since I am on diet now and freaking need more motivation, I might as well write a post to record the process of my diet and let myself go through this hard moment.

So it's a must to share some before photo of how I looked like.
This was taken during last year CNY eve,  when I successfully shed off my fats and hit 52-53kg.
It was photoshop-less and I love it. flat tummy, skinnier legs etc...

Did not continue my diet after that but still managed to maintain my weight until July 2011(Guess I was too stressed with the finals that time). 
it was at 54kg and I still looked ok. At least I managed to wear that size 26 F21 pants=)

But ever since I started working, my weight was liked so out of control and..
it gained like nobody else business.

The photo below was taken during CNY. I guess I almost hit 60kg and...
The dress was so tight on me and hence the fat arms.

Ok, the status might be a bit exaggerating because the dress is so small and I just wanted to prove that I can fit it. So this is the consequences, all the fats came out, I did not look like that ok? HAHAHA. 
 and the fats follow me days by days.
This was taken during Mid July. I am still fat. and I have no idea how fat I am. 
So I was still happily enjoying all the meals and suppers and fast food.

 And I only realised it when I started to work for my online business.

I tried not to find those photo inside my Facebook album because most of them are already highly photoshoped(just for the arms)!FML
Photo below are from my camera and they are my original looks!Look at the fat arms! arghhh...

So I slowly taking care on my food intake.
 Early October, before I gone from this company. Still fat at the arm as you can see.

The butterfly arms are so hard to cut off.

 and finally I started my diet. but I still enjoy good food. just cut it less.

I had 10 meatballs only instead of 20 liked what I used to have before.
 Ignore the sleepy look, I had 3 hours sleep only the day before! and this was 55kg.

 and now..taadaa! After 10-15 days of hard work, I am now happily at 53.8kg. 
it should be at least 0.2kg lighter later as this was taken before I went on bed
so I am freaking 53.6kg now(LOL)!

Tips for people who are on diet:

1. Never ever starved yourself. Or else you may either eat more and gain more or look like a zombie everyday.

2. Even if you are lazy to exercise(like me), please force yourself to do some simple stretching at home, it helps.

3. Must eat rice! I mean anything contains carbohydrate if you do not wish to face hair fall problems.

4. Sleep early(ok, major fail on me!) as it burns fats faster.

5. Drink more water, plain water but not any other drinks.

6. Eat more vegetables as it contains much lesser calories.

Lastly, just to share with you guys some of the self-cooked diet meals by me :

#1 Ginger fish porridge

#2 ABC soup

#3 vege, taofu and mushroom

#4 ABC soup 2, and fried eggs
I still have 3.5kg to go because I still can see fats on my legs.

Will share with you guys my latest photo when I hit 51kg! probably 2 weeks later=)

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