Monday, 5 March 2012

A dream soon-to-be true

Been procrastinating ever since I stepped into this job. A job that used up most of my time and what I've left for myself is nothing, not to mention about my favourite hobbies, blogging and travelling.

I was once a very optimistic happy-little-girl towards the working field, but after working for approximately half a year, slowly I realized that works and acts as an adult is never an easy task.

It's not that I like to stay in my own comfort zone and don't take up the challenges, its just that, most of the time, things turns out to be different way you desired and this can be very upset to me.
Anyhow I am still learning to adapt and I hope I can faster cope with the upcoming job tasks.

And seriously, after working as an accountant, I realized that I am actually craving for more and more knowledge as I found out that what I know and what can be applied in job is just too little!
First time ever in life I feel like taking up the book and read without being forced by elders, what a miracle lol.

Back to topic, the reason why I said I am procrastinating is because I have been putting aside my dream since decades ago.
As I mentioned in my previous blog, setting up a business is always what I wanted since young. I love how doing business and dealing with clients bring the happiness to me. I was once involved in the online business and the result was pretty good too.
But as far as I wanted to continue it, it did affect my studies and so I gave up in the end.

Now I have ended my degree and I feel like starting it all over again. But my laziness always stopped me from doing it. Its so used to be one of my passion but nowadays I never failed to find different kinds of excuses in covering up my laziness, how come? I don't like:(

I swear to myself, no matter what, I am going to make it happen again, lets say, in half a year time? I hope so:)


  1. i hate working n i admit that i love staying n my comfort zone, but i just can't....

  2. its good not to stay in it, you will feel it when it comes to the right time