Saturday, 17 March 2012

It is a shit

My hair is a piece of shit now.
The perm I did two months ago does not seem to be softer as time goes by.
I have a really messy look now, 
so don't be wondered if you see me tied up my hair 24/7.

Above was my hairstyle during this Chinese New Year,
I used to hate it and can't wait to have a new look,
but now, I miss it so much.
because my hairstyle now is much worsen than this:(

oh gosh, I am getting frustrated on my hair issue,
maybe I should just go for bald one day, 
so that I have no issue on it, hehe.

Enough of hair issue,
I got my iphone recently(like finally after 5 years of N73),
I was so excited,
and the first thing I did was to download games(what a typical宅女:D).

above is the game I am playing now.
is anyone else in here playing draw something?
you are outdated if you are not playing, HAHAHA

anyway, please add me @ leafyan if you are one of those who are playing,
thank you :p

**I shall start to take many many photo,
so that I can just bullshit on what I want in my blog:)

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