Sunday, 7 April 2013

Candy Crush Saga瘾,你有吗?

相信Candy Crush Saga对面子书用户来说应该不陌生,就是一款最近hit到爆的糖果游戏。

打开电脑,第一件事就是candy crush。当五条命用光了后,就转而使用电话。没差的,还是candy crush。
再加上电话这回事,让我可以连续在candy crush玩个几十条命,就这样不知不觉地有时候,我一整天的时间就耗在candy crush saga了。


I believe that most of the facebook users are familiar with candy crush saga, which is one of the latest hit games in facebook. It requires us to complete each level requirement such as cleared the jelly or accumulated the required points before moving to the next level. And of course, the further you go, the harder it will be.
And I, to be honest, was one of the candy crush saga addict users.

The first thing I did when I switched on my laptop was candy crush saga. and so do when I was using my iphone.  And things gotten worst when I knew that we can play in several lives by using the phone. This means that my whole freaking day just wasted like that!

Below was my achievement thus far. I am at level 133 and I only spent few days to reach this stage from level 70! how crazy I was.

Holly shit candy crush saga. I couldn't recall how much time I spent on it.

就这样,好像戒烟戒赌那样,我把candy crush saga戒掉了。

and just a moment ago, when I was still struggling to complete level 133, I was liked, suddenly realized the way I did by playing candy crush non-stop was totally wrong. and I quit it without further thinking.

戒掉这些毫无意义的游戏吧,多做一些有意义的东西如出去走走,听一场音乐会,痛快地唱一首歌都比玩candy crush saga来得有意义得多。

谨献给跟我一样深陷在candy crush saga不能自拔的人们。

To those who are still having some hard time with candy crush saga and thinking of how to move to next level, please stop playing it. Listening to a concert or singing aloud are much more meaningful than that.

Try to think that, even if you were the first among your friends to complete all the levels in candy crush saga, will it help in your life? you might even ended up with psycho because each level in candy crush is so damn freaking hard to complete!

For those who are still finding that candy crush saga is kind of the best game inventions in facebook, its time to stop it.


  1. 之前比较上瘾,现在只是偶尔玩玩,没有那么强迫性的想闯关了;不过最近真的很多人中毒了!

    1. 我就是其中一个咯,中毒到好像有躁郁症那样=(

  2. thanks for share..