Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Liese Bubble Hair Dye -Sweet Pink

 Its 4am now and I am still blogging...Just had a glass of "ying yong" during my supper and I couldn't fall asleep at all after rolling on the bed for couple of minutes....guess its a sign of aging.OMG I couldn't believe that I am facing the sign of aging at age 23 years old!!!

Well, who cares. "ying yong" is still one of my favourite drinks, or should I say, coffee? No way for me to give up so easily=p Anyway, its not the main point for this post. I am here to announce that me FINALLY dyed my hair after wanting to do so for so many months.

Out of so many brands, I chose Liese this time. I remember it was such a hit few years back when it first came to Malaysia. Many people tried it and good reviews are all flooded over the social networks. I tried it once too but the effect was not obvious and not even one asked me whether I dyed my hair or not. Sad max. my RM30++ gone. 

and since so, I was actually wondered where do all the good reviews came from. is it paid advertorial so that people who got the money are forced to write a good review? or because my black hair was tough enough for the colour? Mystery remains mystery. lol.

but this time, I decided to give it a second chance since I think bubble hair dye will cause lesser damage to your hairs than those usual hair dye product. My hair is dry enough so I don't want it to be anymore drier.

Since dark colour like chesnut brown(if not mistaken) carried no effect on me, I opted for lighter colour which is sweet pink this time round.
The first who came into my mind for pink coloured hair is Xiaxue. I would probably scared the shit outta everyone if I did so, HAHA.

but I think her pink coloured hair is cool. I might considered to go for it when I am old enough to go out and full with grey hair. Then I can happily playing my pink hair with my grandchildren, I think they will like it, HAHA.

This is the colour I expected, fingers crossed for the outcome.

Chemical things needed. The smell is exactly like what I used to face in the laboratory during my secondary school time, yucks.  

 Where the colour came from.

Mixed them together, and shake it carefully until the colour is totally mixed up with the chemical thing.

Wear the gloves, and start to bubble your hair. 

After bubble-ing, I think I look like dragon ball in here=D

Wait for 30 minute and wash your hair. Remember to wait at least 30 minutes because I think it shows better result.

 To make a comparison, this is a day before I dyed my hair, I am actually having uber thick lips now due to my lovely ulcer, hence no nice photo. This is the best photo I can find so here it is.

For the outcome, I would say it is better than last time, at least I saw some colours on my hair.
Shall wait a little bit longer and I will definitely post up the picture after that, ciao=)

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