Thursday, 18 August 2011

Italiannies Food

Hey guys, I know, it has been weeks since I last updated this blog. I hope someone is still here to read my blog. Or not I might be losing motivation to continue blogging in the future. Getting lazier and lazier, lol

Sent my brother to Putra Jaya today for the talk he joined. Lost our way due to stupid gps and we were forced to make a super big U turn.

Luckily we managed to make it in the end or not I wouldn't have the chance to taste this nice food.

Since it's lunch time and the event haven't started, we went for lunch at the Italiannies Restaurant in the hotel.
Goh and Yong. Waiting for our food to come. Ipad 2's camera quality is bad, but it is still a nice gadget.

me, I know I looked  sleepy in the photo. People around me been telling me about this since God-knows-when. Perhaps I am too lack of exercises, sigh.

Our food served.

Trust me, it is way beyond awesome, you can try it when you go to putrajaya:D

and the price is reasonable too. neither too high nor too low.around RM120 for 3 main course.
my Cabonara. The only part I would like to complain is the portion. I wish it is bigger!:)

Yong's spaghetti. I prefer Cabonara. Spaghetti is a bit too sour for me.

Goh's pizza. trust me, it is much better than Pizza Hxt's.

Overall I rate 8/10. A must try if I have $$. anyway thanks to my brother who treated us!:)

Few more hours before I say goodbye to Malaysia and hello to foreign country! seriously can't wait already!

Travelling around the world is always my biggest dream and I never got bored of it:D
Should be sleeping right now but too excited and hence insomnia. Til we meet again, tata:D

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