Friday, 19 August 2011

Jin Jiang Dinner

Super dead blog. I think I lost the mojo to blog, what a sad thing. Hope the mojo will come back as soon as possible or not the blog will be growing grasses soon. Nowadays it's so hard for me to think of a proper topic to blog, a sign of getting older, sigh.
Anyway I am going to flood this post with my vain photo since I finally decided to do something for my appearance, at least to a presentable one.

I putted on contact lenses and some light make up, changed to a girlish dress, and I feel happy to be a girl!

I know, you must be wondering why the hell the bruise on my leg is so big. Honestly, I have no idea too, but I know I am the people who always knock something like table legs, chair legs etc.

I love my crochet dress. It costs RM100++ at first, but after discount, it is so much cheaper and it is Korea Brand! how fortunate I am:D
My toes looks ugly. I don't do pedicure as I think it is a waste of money. maybe I should change my mind from now onwards:)

Do some silly thing with my cousin. We can be that insane too although we look serious all the time like the photo below.

Spotted me? I think I changed a lot in these five years. positive sometimes, negative sometimes...

We are having a lot fun with this background I think.

Finally, playing brother's Ipad2. I despoly need a new gadget!

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  1. Leafyan ( haha thanks, you too:)
    last month

    Lhwen85 ( U r getting prettier by each year ^^
    last month